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Single-Phase Products

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Three-Phase Products



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Consider the real needs of customers 

  • To meet the requirements of electricity consumption and energy saving

  • To solve the peak load reduction of power grid companies and the government

  • To flexible control based on the actual electricity demand of enterprises

User-side energy hosting

  • To provide tenants with complete statistical analysis of energy information

  • Make sure real-time communication with property companies

  • To monitor the user-side electricity safety.

New Energy Monitoring platform


  • Manage user’s information and power plant equipment;

  • Check relevant data such as operation status, power generation and revenue, and has report function

  • Visual interface, displaying the data as well as the operation status of the power station and its equipment in the form of chats

  • Has the function of checking version information, online updating, collecting user feedback, remote inverter upgrading, etc

  • Diagnose faults remotely so as to ensure safety and reliability even if no one is one duty in the power station

  • Can dispatch and control local grid, realising functions of TS, ™, TC, TA and TV

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