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Energy Control & 

New Energy Monitoring platform

  • Manage user’s information and power plant equipment

  • Check relevant data such as operation status, power generation and revenue, and has report function

  • Visual interface, displaying the data as well as the operation status of the power station and its equipment in the form of chats

  • Has the function of checking version information, online updating, collecting user feedback, remote inverter upgrading, etc

  • Diagnose faults remotely so as to ensure safety and reliability even if no one is one duty in the power station

  • Can dispatch and control local grid, realising functions of TS, ™, TC, TA and TV.

截圖 2021-06-15 上午11.10.07.png


Construction & Operation 
of VPP

The load data collection of the energy management and control platform system takes the monitoring points as the management unit, which could organize in combination with the topological levels of the monitoring points, therefore forming a clarify and complete load model.

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Application of VPP

  • Agricultural

  • Community

  • Mining

  • Industrial

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