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Battery pack (stack)

  • Easy to install
    Stackable installation can be operated by one person

  • Strong scalability
    It can be expanded according to the matching inverter and actual usage, stacked by 2~6 battery packs

  • BMS management
    Integrated BMS management inside the battery pack, no need for a separate master

  • Comprehensive security protection functions
    Real-time monitoring of cell voltage, current and temperature, three-level fault warning and multiple hardware and software protections 

  • Overshoot and over-discharge protection
    The contactor switch is used inside, and the switch is reliable; the over-discharge system is automatically powered off to reduce its own loss 

  • Precise power calculation
    High-precision sampling devices, combined with a variety of SOC algorithms 

Specifications                                                          Size         Download

Koyoe Energy - Warranty commitment              36.7KB

Inverter Compatibility Statement                         277.KB

SDS KY-51V105AH-S 2022-01-05                              1021KB

Datasheet KY-51V105AH-S                                       2.65MB


Battery Management System

  • High efficiency: Charge and discharge current up to 55A

  • Multiple communication interface: Integrated CAN & RS485 

  • Support 10 units in series and then in one parallel, can manage up to 20 units of battery packs

  • Easy to install: Small size, light, plug and play interface, easy to install

  • With 3-level fault alarm protection strategy

Specifications                                               Size                    Download

KY-BCU050K datasheet                              58.0KB

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